Outpost 79 Character Profile

Name: Hannah Derouge (uses she and they based pronouns interchangably)
Race: Skunarian
Planet of Origin: Anicrux

Starfleet Service Number: FC872C7291CC
Rank: Petty Officer, Second Class

Posting History:

Starfleet Acadamy, San Fransisco, Earth. Majored in Subspace Engineering with Minor in Exotic Particle Theory. Rank: Cadet

USS Apprentice (registry NCC-107067, Sagan-class cruiser), Stellar Cartography. 18-month tour. Rank: Crewman

Outpost 79, Science post. Newly assigned. Rank: Petty Officer, Second Class.

Anicrux background: Located in the distant reaches of the Alpha Quadrant, outside Federation space, is a small M-Class planet orbiting a Class A star. The planet is approximately 70% the volume of Earth, and boasts an impressive number of natural satellites, including 6 named moons and a multitude of smaller objects. The home is number to a variety of sentient humanoid species, most some variety of anthropomorphic variation of more common earth animals. While the species may be differentiated as ‘predator’ or ‘prey’ much like their Terran counterparts, they have created a complex society of cooperation that surpasses the baser instincts of their primal brethren. This spirit of cooperation has extended to other aspects of their society, with Anicrux featuring a level of technology only slightly lagging the Federation, while being very ecologically minded and intertwining it with the wild nature of their world.

Personal background: Hannah, like other Skunarians, is omnivorous. On Anicrux, their diet consisted largely of fruits, vegetables, and farm raised insects. Off-world, they have done well off of replicated food and protein supplements, but have noted a particular enjoyment of Klingon cuisine, especially gagh. They are one of only a handful of Skunarians in Starfleet, as Anicrux is not a Federation Charter signatory.

Hannah left their world on an Anicruian transport, stowing away in search of adventure and the chance to learn things they never could on planet. She was found after an accident has seriously injured her, causing the loss of her dominant arm in a plasma fire. She was fitted with a servicable prostetic, and eventually was able to earn herself a place at the prestigious Starfleet Acadamy.

While she wasn’t an ‘honors student’, she did acquit herself well in her classes and training, scoring above average in most of her classes. She excelled in the sciences, and did well enough with command training, but while she was proficient with the use of phaser weaponry, it was noted that the submissive and timid nature that seemed common among Skunarians made her hesitate to use weapons in all but the most dire of self defense situations. Her testing of the Kobiyashi Maru was, while informative, a tactical nightmare, and it was generally agreed that she would never see command.

While serving on the Apprentice, a ship developed using Borg technology derived from The Artifact, her prosthetic arm was replaced, a newer version that operated as smoothly as her natural arm, but was also augmented with tubules that allowed her to interact on a system level with a number of technological systems, greatly increasing the speed with which she was able to process information and improve her reaction time. Using this ability takes a toll on her mental state, however, and overuse can lead to exhaustion putting her out of commission for several days, so she tends to only use it sparingly or in emergency situations.

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