Starting Hevean Template, Mk II

Editor’s Note: This is still a work in progress template, and subject to significant change before publication.

Acquired Template: The process of converting a creature to a Hevean follower is steeped in occult mystery

Stat Changes:

AC: Hevean creatures gain +2 natural armor, as the symbiote creates an additional layer of protection between the creature and whatever armor they may wear. This bonus stacks with any natural armor they possess due to racial traits.

Defensive abilities: Hevean creatures have an energy resistance of 5 against electric attacks, and an SR of 5 + the creatures base CR

Ability Scores: CHA +4, STR +2

Special Attacks: Latex Pool

Those affected by this template gain a daily pool of points that can be used for varied latex abilities, depending on the competence of the wielder. The number of points in the pool is based on the base HD of the character + CHA modifier. This pool resets during a long rest, but up to half of the points (DM discretion) can be recovered by a half hour of vigorous (often of an erotic nature) activity followed by a half hour recovery period, allowing for feeding of the symbiote.

Binding Strike (Ex) – Heveans will use portions of their latex bodies to restrain opponents, often for tactical purposes, or to use them as a sexual partner, willing or unwilling. When fighting with a weapon that deals bludgeoning damage, they may use 1 Latex Pool point in an attempt to restrain their opponent by making a called shot, with the additional +2 bonus and ability to make multiple attacks, as though they had the Improved Called Shot feat (even if they do not meet the prerequisites otherwise). The point is only spent if the attack completes. Hits on different locations have differing effects, as detailed in the following table:

Hevean Latex Strike Table

Notes: Pinpoint called shots, such as Ear, Eye, Neck, Heart and Hand, will have the same effect with regards to Binding Strike, just at the higher penalty.

Creatures with more than one set of arms or legs will generally need to have called shots completed on each set of limbs individually. The specific effects may slightly vary, according to the DM.

Non-lethal attacks, such as unarmed strikes or by taking the normal -4 penalty on your attack roll, do not deal the added effects of critical called shot or debilitating blows listed in the Called Shot Effects list, only the damage and restraint.

Escaping from a piece of restraint is a standard action (provokes an Attack of Opportunity). If a character attempts to escape from restraints as a full round action, they may make two attempts to remove a piece of restraint. Spells such asĀ hasteĀ do not give any further increase in attempts.

Latex Creep (Ex) – When a Hevean is grappled with another creature, they may spend 1 Latex Pool point per turn to attempt to add a section of restraint to their opponent (per the Binding Strike table). This point is only spent if the Hevean succeeds at using the ability. The Hevean may choose the target on their opponents body, with many focusing on reducing their opponents ability to fight the grapple.

If the Hevean is the one being grappled and does not have control, they must make a Concentration check (DC 5 + grappler’s CMB) to be able to use this ability.

Body to Body (Su) – While touching a piece of living latex that is attached to a person, they can modify the physical appearance and shape of the latex into something that suits the mind of the Hevean. If the target is willing or helpless, the Hevean can spend Latex Pool points as desired to increase the restraint on the other person, up to a total of 8 points for full restraint. The Hevean may make two modifications per turn in this way.

DMs may allow a Hevean who has spent Latex Pool points already for the day to use this ability to ‘recall’ living latex back into their symbiote to regain pool points.

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