Outpost 79 Character Profile

Name: Hannah Derouge (uses she and they based pronouns interchangably)Race: SkunarianPlanet of Origin: Anicrux Starfleet Service Number: FC872C7291CCRank: Petty Officer, Second Class Posting History: Starfleet Acadamy, San Fransisco, Earth. Majored in Subspace Engineering with Minor in Exotic Particle Theory. Rank: Cadet USS Apprentice (registry NCC-107067, Sagan-class cruiser), Stellar Cartography. 18-month tour. Rank: Crewman Outpost 79,… Continue reading Outpost 79 Character Profile


I’m putting this out less because it’s a recent thing, and more because it’s a topic that comes up for me somewhat regularly. There’s not much need to guess that I’m transgender, and anyone who knows me knows that my family, Evangelical Christians that they are, did not agree with my ‘choices in my life’.… Continue reading Disinheritance

Starting Hevean Template, Mk II

Editor’s Note: This is still a work in progress template, and subject to significant change before publication. Acquired Template: The process of converting a creature to a Hevean follower is steeped in occult mystery Stat Changes: AC: Hevean creatures gain +2 natural armor, as the symbiote creates an additional layer of protection between the creature… Continue reading Starting Hevean Template, Mk II